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I started on this project 18 years ago while in a Graphics Design program, and it may have even been an influence behind me steering my education towards molecular bio for my M.Sc. :D  Like most creative things, I made the thing I wanted to play. A biopunk focused game set in the near-future is rare, and most near-future settings seem to favor the 80s chrome or retrofuture over biotech. I needed my biotech in there, and I wanted to focus on how genetic engineered could create a pseudo-caste system through job specialization at a genetic level. So I made this game! 


“This is a fantastic rule and setting book. I've been using it to augment (heh) the 5e cyberpunk game I've been running for some time now and the amount of creative stuff to pull from is magnificent."

“Genefunk 2090 is brimming with creativity. The production values are gorgeous. The setting is a brilliant madhouse."

“The book is gorgeous, the character build options endless, and the setting is perfect for cyberpunk skullduggery."

"GeneFunk 2090 so far seems to be the best example of bridging the cyberpunk genre with 5e. Things I really like step beyond basic cyberpunk into gene editing and transhumanism. In that regard it seems much more mature a genre than simple cybernetics."

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