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The full color hardcover book of the Shadows of Korea setting book!

  • 232 pages, color, hardcover book
  • Includes PDF eBook with full bookmark navigation
  • High quality off-set print run from Friesens Printing.
  • 2.8 pounds, 8.5 x 11 interior.
  • Over 100 beautiful biopunk illustrations from William Liberto, Dean Spencer, Nate Artuz, Enmanuel Martinez Lema, and others! 
  • 8 new class archetypes
  • New equipment and feats
  • New cybernetic upgrades! 


A Biopunk Jungle Adventure
Dark Forest is a remote Peruvian jungle valley filled with treacherous transgenic life of every variety. The players will encounter carnivorous plants, insidious parasites, narcoterrorists, mad scientists, monstrous beasts, mutagenic viruses, horrifying kaiju, and diabolical biological AIs!

Secluded and Mysterious. Steep mountains and an engineered canopy that jams wireless signals enclose Dark Forest. The flora itself shifts and twists to make orienteering unworkable—few that venture in to gain its riches return to tell the tale.  

Forbidden Research and Narcotics. Jenterra corporation uses the dense canopy of Dark Forest to conceal its most insidious experiments. They've allied with Sendero Justo, a group of narcoterrorists looking to overthrow the government using drug money and violence.

Lucrative and Deadly.  Dark Forest has biotech secrets, narcotics riches, and hidden vaults in a lost city; it draws mercs like moths to a flame. Not many cadres that enter return, but those that do can comfortably retire.   

Will your cadre emerge flush with Dark Forest wealth, or perish in the attempt?




Dark Forest - Hardcover + PDF

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